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Forest Walk June 2017

Forest Walk

Top Left: Kindergarten's children made Fleece Butterflies.
Top Right: Emma watching some of the children exploring.
Center Left: A six year old mastering his physical movement, then co-inspiring the imagination of the boat.
Center Right: The branches became levers to guide the vehicle whilst the passengers told stories of nature spirits.
Bottom Left: Here was a fire pit too and teh children played with the ash to make a type of slip by mixing it with sand.
Bottom Right: Reminding me of prehistoric workings when this slip was used to make marks on stones with sticks that can be seen here.

It surprises many parents that we venture out in all weathers. We have all weather gear such as waterproof jackets and dungarees that can be seen here. The kindergarten group were really keen to get back to the boat and show their friends who had not yet been there.