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The Mulberry tree Meaning

What does Mulberry Tree mean to you and your child?

From one of our parents: "On the days that my daughter goes to kindergarten I notice a significant difference in her play and behaviour. She is calmer, more imaginative and more sensitive to other people. I know without a doubt that the careful thought behind every detail of the kindergarten life has a positive impact on her. It weaves its magic around her and brings out the best in her, allowing her to flourish and bloom. I also believe that the lessons and good habits learned at kindergarten will remain with her throughout her life."

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A leap of faith

If you are not sure about state school for your child, have a look at the articles by parents presented on the right of this page.

  • Why these parents decided to register their daughter

    And why she stayed on instead of going to school at 4 1/2?

    "I discovered Mulberry Tree Toddler Group by chance and my first response was shock that there was a place where I could come with my child and enjoy a quiet..." Read more (second window).

  • The transcript of a talk

    Given by one of the Mulberry Tree parents, on Being a Kindergarten Parent

    "... Mulberry Tree is different. As Kindergarten parents, David and I have a part to play in the running of the group..."Read more (second window).

  • A parent's views on their path to the Mulberry Tree

    Our journey to Mulberry Tree started when our son was eight and our daughter was five. Until that point we had raised both children in a conventional way... Read more (second window).

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