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Our Community Efforts

Mulberry Tree grows through donations given by organisations and by the fundraising efforts of the Mulberry Tree community. In the past we have walked, run, cycled in the aid of the Mulberry Tree.

Our past Michaelmas Challenges — the Dash, the Spiral — the Winter Solstice Cycle — and the Big Step Forward have demonstrated both the commitment of our community and the generosity. We raised funds to help initiate the founding of our wonderfully successful development of the "Fire Engine" class group. This held its way for a number of years before the group out grew its use.

To learn about our challenges, click each name below.

  • The Dash, the Spiral

    • The Spiral is our Michaelmas Challenge that moves around all the homes of the Mulberries — where the Mulberry Tree spreads its branches. It has taken different forms in 2012 and 2013, but it looks to involve children, parents, staff and other members of the Mulberry Tree community. There is normally something for everyone so that each can look upon their own challenge but still come together to share the experience. In 2012 we walked, ran and cycled around various stages of the Spiral as a large relay. In 2013 we cycled around the Spiral, with some cycling the whole way and others joining in for stages.

  • The Winter Solstice Cycle

    • Winter Solstice Cycle Challenge Sian's done it! It was freezing cold, dark and pretty hard but Sian, one of the parents from Mulberry Tree Kindergarten cycled 160 miles of cycle track from Cromhall to London during the Winter Solstice, raising funds for the Mulberry Tree School Initiative. It was a challenge.

      Her experience wasn't easy, and she and her companion found the cycle track to be in such a bad state that coupled with the wet weather their progress was hindered to the extent that having left before dawn they were overwhelmed as the possibility of meeting her destination during the shortest day began to sink as the sunlight dwindled.

      A way was found through and they made it to hospitable overnight accommodation kindly offered by a parent at the Alder Bridge School.Cycle Challenge The next day was easier because they had to abandon the cycle track and use the old A4 route and in the afternoon when the cyclists arrived at Steiner House it was quiet and still as the evening light was waning.

  • Big Step Forward

    • Each day, the children at the Mulberry Tree Steiner School and Kindergarten go for a walk in local fields (and sometimes further afar) to relax, socialise and immerse themselves in the changing cycle of nature throughout the year. Inspired by their efforVirgints, a parent (and his dog) took on the challenge of Walking the Cotswold Way in 5 days to raise funds for the Mulberry Tree School & Kindergarten so that it too can take it's own big step forward — a move to new premises it needs to help it expand and support the parents and children in its growing community around the Cotswolds area.

      The sights and experiences of the 5 days can now be found online The Big Step Forward was successful in raising over ₤700 for the School and Kindergarten. But donations can still be made via our fundraising site (see below).

  • The Fire Engine

    • Over the spring of 2011 the idea of starting a Class One/Two in a mobile Class Room began to grow. Local bus service companies suggested the Mercedes 814D. The search for a low mileage vehicle took us to the Yorkshire dales, Staffordshire and test drives round bus round Tiverton. Surfing the net, we found and went to see an ex-Fire Services Command Vehicle in Norfolk. It was an empty shell that needed renovation. It was bought on July 1st and that's when the Class Project 2011 really began to gather pace. By September a functioning class was in place.

      The Mulberry Tree Committee had a budget for the buying and renovation which included a stream of income from fund raising. We've been incredibly fortunate to find an experienced Steiner trained teacher, and an ex-founding parent who offered to do the carpentry at a competitive rate and we've not stood still in asking for support. We are incredibly grateful to Hermes Trust, IKEA, Webasto and Travis Perkins who have already been able to give their support to the classroom.

      The Mulberry Tree "fire engine" provokes questions about the siren, blue lights and water hoses. Little children say "fire engine" gently and smile. The sound of rain pattering on its roof gives one a sense of wellbeing as one listens to the outside from inside. The fire engine engages the imagination. The story ignites delight in people's hearts generating enthusiasm to engage. It's strengthened our community because it gives parents and teachers hope, and inspires courage and grace. Most of all it brings joy and waldorf education to the class, their parents and their teacher.

Virgin Money giving

We have a Virgin Money Giving page at where donations can be made (and you can 'Gift Aid' it!) — click on the logo.