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Festivals Celebration

The rhythm of seasons

As Mulberry Tree moves through the year it joins in the rhythm of nature and the seasons and celebrates through activities and festivals in the kindergarten. Festivals are celebrated in kindergarten and may involve parents in an informal or formal way. An example of the moods and themes carried by the teacher may be found in the article "Easter and Spring Stories", written by Clare Benson for 'Mother Goose'. Read it.

Craft mornings

Opposite, a craft morning with parents.

are held during term time on a Saturday morning and to these are invited prospective families and those presently attending. The craft mornings are held in the Village Hall, and are designed to incorporate the children and parent community and prospective parents in a gentle social experience.

The festival mood can lead us towards a crafting morning and parents "supporting us with their skills". These mornings usually involve a project for parents to help with, such as compost bin building or apple pressing.


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X A craft morning animated by a parent
X A craft morning with parents at the table
X Celebration at the table

Festival Camp

We are considering to hold a festival Camp in 2018, exactly 10 years after our 2008 festival camp. We will announce our intention as soon as possible.