Outside Activities

Outside Joys

The Kindergarten Walks

Little ones still in nappies are changed and then we all change into our outside clothing Children prepare for outside time by changing into appropriate clothing for the season in mid winter this may mean putting on woollen wear and in the summer sunhats. Appropriate support is given to children depending on their needs.

If we are going out on a walk this is determined by our Risk Assessment which considers staff ratios to children, their ages, needs and deployment of staff. One year olds travel in our Silver cross pram.

The kindergarten walk is through constantly changing organic farmland. The children experience the changing landscape and seasons directly. They may invent little games and discover mud, puddles, blossom, thistles, ice, butterflies, and calves and watch the farmer at work. During the walk the children exercise their own initiative, developing physical skills through running, climbing over gates, and develop social skills.

By the time we return we are often carrying lots of precious treasures in buckets, pockets and hands and sometimes rather wet but happy. It takes a little while to change into dry clothes but we are soon ready for our story. During our walk the one year olds usually fall asleep in their pram and waken just after 13.00 hrs in time for lunch.


Blowing during the Walk
Farmland walk playing with mud
Outside enjoying the walk
Kindergarten walk Flowers in the hair

Outside in our garden

Outside in our garden in the yard there is a sand pit, a mud kitchen, flower and vegetable beds, two compost bins and two water buts. Items have been made by Waldorf students from Germany and parents.

Outside time is free play time and unstructured. Staff will be seen supervising when necessary however they are active in purposeful activity such as weeding, watering thereby offering children a worthy role model.


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In our garden harvesting berries
Potatoes from the kindergarten garden
Proud of a very big potato they grew
Collecting garden's flowers