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From a historical point of view, the Mulberry Tree was founded in 2002 by parents who were looking for a less “hurried approach to education” and wanted the choice of Steiner education in South Gloucestershire. Most recently, the initiative has been reoriented since unfortunate closure due to unforeseen circumstances.

Clare Benson has been with the project since it started and has 20 years experience in Steiner Waldorf Education. She is passionate about Waldorf methodology and the "Art of Education"", which develops freedom and enthusiasm to learn.

We are a non profit, committee-led Educational Charity. Our mission is to support the development and education of young children by assisting their parents understanding of Steiner education.

Currently, this is being achieved by forest walks for parents and young children, creating a blog and with the vision of organising workshops and talks.

Under the Education Tab, you will see a reflection of a Steiner kindergarten, as it was run at the Mulberry Tree until 2017.

Comments from parents.

Parent's comments

"I know without a doubt that the careful thought behind every detail of the kindergarten life has a positive impact on her. It weaves its magic around her and brings out the best in her, allowing her to flourish and bloom."

"Thank you, it (the report) is lovely, it is very accurate. You know him very well. It will be sad when he leaves it has come round fast.... I just want to say that I am know how much positive input you have given him and he has benefited so much from attending.
Thank you
VW –Wotton under Edge"

"J here, Millie's mum, using odd email.
Hope all well. Just let you know Millie got her GCSE results. 7As 3A*s 1A**. Thought you would like to know.... Thanks for all that lovely work you did with her."

L wrote loads here are some of the comments: "My son joined the Mulberry Tree starting January 2017 and it was the best possible decision I could have made on his behalf having him attend the Kindergarten under the guidance and care of Clare and her Team (Emma & Sian)
...one of the things I value most, the fact that Clare always takes time to explain any behavioural changes and herself, Emma and Sian are attentive enough to pick up on such changes and then bring to my attention. This is valuable information because it allows me to take a step back and understand why I may be experiencing a new parenting challenge at home and she also offers advice on how to deal with it - if there is anything to deal with or, just ride the experience out. I cannot express how dear it is to me to have someone like Clare mentoring my son... and offering guidance for myself, as it is a very real for me to feel that I struggle and it is invaluable to feel supported in someway and I certainly didn't expect this when my son joined."
best wishes to you all.

More quotes from parents.

More quotes from parents

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  • "The Toddler group is so unlike any I have been to..." Read More

    • "The Toddler group is so unlike any I have been to. I love the calm atmosphere and the focus on the child. It's great to share ideas and experiences with like-minded and creative people. My children both love it."

  • "...Natural and organic surroundings..." Read more

    • "...Natural and organic surroundings coupled with a very caring and experienced teachers..."

  • "What an amazing experience M's review was..." Read more

    • "What an amazing experience M's review was. The teacher's description of her matched our understanding of her exactly. This said two things to us. That the teacher reads our daughter carefully and well, and that our daughter is as natural and relaxed in Kindergarten as she is at home with us."

  • "Lovely small group, fabulous walk..." Read more

    • "Lovely small group, fabulous walk which is quite unique because of the rural location".

  • "Mulberry Tree strengths are..." Read more

    • "Mulberry Tree strengths are its strong sense of community, good staff ratios, staff know children well, Clare's attention to detail and level of care. Beautiful surroundings, nourishing curriculum."

  • "...caring and supportive..." Read more

    • "The kindergarten strengths are caring and supportive of children and families adaptable, and open connection to the seasons and to nature especially the walk."

  • "...a great source of knowledge and support..." Read more

    • "I have found the MT a great source of knowledge and support. Clare's care and observation of the children is invaluable -a great insight."

  • "... the warm, nurturing and natural environment we wanted..." Read more

    • “We chose The Mulberry Tree for our children because it's the warm, nurturing and natural environment we wanted for them. My daughters Dad reminded me recently of how she used to find it difficult to settle in the afternoons, Clare would take her outside because this is where she would calm and Clare would hold her until she fell asleep. Clare even brought an old pram in for her to sleep. This was all done with warmth and as One of the parents once said to me, that as parents we knew would never be done with rolled eyes but just from a place of love. To me this is priceless. The Mulberry Tree has been a massive part of our lives as parents too” - Annabel